Why Choose Our Oils

We are Gauteng’s leading Heavy Duty Oil supplier, we cater to your specific industry standard needs!

Oil, Grease & All Lubricants for your industry specific needs

HDL’s premium True lubricants are formulated with the latest technology for extended service protection, maximises engine durability and minimises operating cost for businesses. Ensuring that the inside of a heavy duty engine is properly lubricated, TrueLubricants® disperses soot and controls sludge, allowing you to maximise your mileage while on the road.

HDL’s family of products are designed for on and off road applications, ranging from truck and bus transportation to construction, mining, agriculture and power generation. Across industries, HDL’s premium lubricants deliver world class protection, excellent performance, maximum operational reliability and bumper-to-bumper protection.

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Manufacturing & Production

The production process faces unique obstacles. That’s why customers rely on HDL’s expert service and quality lubricants, oils & greases to ensure optimal equipment reliability, efficiency & productivity.

Production Related Lubricants
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Quarry & Cement

Fixed mixers, piling, crushing & milling equipment, cranes and hoists, conveyors & elevators, excavators, haulers, loaders & other earth-moving equipment demand the quality and protection HD lubricants delivers.

Quarry Related Lubricants
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Farming & Agriculture

HDL delivers everlasting value to farmers, ensuring protection & equipment reliability for time sensitive services in unpredictable conditions.

Agriculture Related Lubricants
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Building & Construction

Using quality products like HDL’s lubricants help construction equipment run smoother & reliably to keep projects on a time-based schedule.

Construction Related Lubricants
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Gas & Oil Production

HDL’s premium lubricants ensure long-lived service & equipment reliability for optimal operational uptime.

Oil and Gas Related Lubricants

Power Generation

When the utmost in reliability, safety and performance is required in hydroelectric, gas and coal-fired plants, power generation customers rely on HDL’s premium Lubricants.

Power Generation Lubricants
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Mining & Land Moving

HDL’s lubrication technologies deliver outstanding protection and performance in some of the world’s most challenging mining environments.

Mining Related Lubricants

Forestry, Paper & Pulp

HD lubricants delivers ultimate wear protection in all paper and pulp applications

Forestry Related Lubricants


HDL’s lubrication range delivers excellence performance and protection in the world’s most challenging petrochemical environments.

Petrochemical Related Lubricants