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How to Know You're Using the Right Hydraulic Oil?

industrial oil

For most lubricated machines, there are many options when it comes to lubricant selection. Just because a machine will run with a particular product doesn’t mean that product is optimum for the application. Most lubricant misspecification doesn’t lead to sudden and catastrophic failure; rather, a misspecification shortens the average life of the lubricated components and, thus, […]

Industrial Oil Glossary

Abandon To cease work on a well which is non-productive, to plug off the well with cement plugs and salvage all recoverable equipment. Also used in the context of field abandonment. Associated gasNatural gas produced with crude oil from the same reservoir. Annex BOperator’s development plan for an offshore installation. It requires government approval before […]

Synthetic Motor Oil

Application programming interface Motor Oil Comparison Test Results See who came out on Top – Application programming interface Motor Oil Comparison Testing: Thinking all motor oil is the same? Think again! – AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-30 Motor Oil and 10 competing conventional and synthetic 10W-30 motor oils were subjected to a series of Application programming interface […]