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Pollution is the introduction of a contaminant in the environment. Pollution is caused by industrial and commercial waste, agriculture practices, every day human activities and most notably, modes of transportation. Regardless of where you go and what you do, there are remnants of pollution. Pollution has a negative effect on any living organism in an environment, making life practically impossible to sustain life. Pollution harms the Earth’s environment and its inhabitants in lots of ways. Land Pollution- Land pollution is pollution of the Earth’s natural land surface by industrial, commercial, domestic and agricultural activities. Chemical and nuclear plants Industrial factories Mining extraction Overcrowded landfills Deforestation Construction debris Oil refineries Human sewer Oil and antifreeze leaking from vehicles way to Prevent Land Pollution the very best way to prevent land pollution is to recycle.
Here are some other ways you can reduce land pollution: Do not use pesticides Utilize a drip tray to collect engine oil Purchase products which have little packaging Do not dump motor oil on the ground Reuse any items that you could Purchase biodegradable products Store all liquid chemicals and waste in spill proof containers Eat organic foods which are grown without pesticides 2. Air Pollution – Air pollution is the accumulation of hazardous substances into the atmosphere that threaten human life along with other living matter. Combustion of coal Acid rain Noise pollution from vehicles and construction Power plants Manufacturing buildings Automobile emissions Tobacco smoke Large ships Paint fumes Aerosol sprays Wildfires atomic weapons way to Prevent Air Pollution The .1 way to prevent air pollution is to walk or cycle more and drive less.
This may prevent fossil fuels from polluting the air.
Here are a few other ways to prevent air pollution: Carpool with buddies and coworkers Do not smoke Utilize a push or electric lawnmower as opposed to a gas powered one Do not use severe chemical cleaners that may emit fumes Inspect your gas appliances and heaters on a regular basis Keep your vehicle maintenance up-to date you’ve to drive, do your errands at one time Do not purchase product which come in aerosol spray cans Avoid using lighter fluid when barbecuing outside whenever you drive accelerate slowly and use cruise control Always replace your car’s air filter 3. Water Pollution – Water pollution is the introduction of chemical, biological and physical substances into large bodies of water that degrade the quality of life that lives in it and consumes it. Waste treatment facilities Mining Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers Human sewer Oil spills Factories Refineries Failing septic systems Soap from washing your vehicle Oil and antifreeze leaking from vehicles Household chemicals Animal waste way to Prevent Water Pollution the very best way to prevent water pollution is to not throw trash along with other harmful chemicals into our water supplies.

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